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The Sect of the McGillion

Worship the Scot
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the comm

Begun on the night of the hewlettarians' creation, the McGillionites was created to wage a holy war for McGillion is not just a Most Revered Saint and is in fact the Supreme Deity.

This comm is not to step on the toes of another, but to bow down in worship and honor the love of Paul McGillion as our Lord and Master. Artwork, fanmixes, anything which may convey our love for the greatest of men.

Oh and by the way? We are in a war most holy with the hewlettarians so feel free to view all those in both communities with suspicion.

rules & regs

[x] Absolutely, positively NO FLAMING.
--- Flaming/harrassment will be dealt with on a case by case basis and could be grounds for banning. Don't do it. There's no point.
[x] Only worship of the Paul is to be done with (this includes all past, present, and future roles.) No posts worshipping of others are to be posted.
--- Such posts will be deleted as they are found.
--- If too many such posts are made, this comm will become moderated.
** caveat: Discussion of the holy war may be done. Feel free to make members only posts in relation to that. After all, the war must have planning.
[x] All complaints, praises, etc, may be emailed to katydidmischief @ angelusaquiluscaelitus@hotmail.com. Do not go to my personal lj with complaints or into the comm with them.

Beyond those rules, have fun. :)

technical stuff

[x] the userpic for this community was made by katydidmischief and may not be taken for use.
[x] Layout made by faceon with slight tweakage.