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Paul McGillion Icon Contest Community. Please stop by, join and participate by submitting icons and/or voting! New members ALWAYS welcome!

This is pm_icontest an icon contest and LIMS for the fandom that is Paul McGillion. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!

To make it a bit different from the other Icon contest out there I have chosen to do two things.

1. Make the focus on Paul McGillion. This means that the challenges could include everything from Dr. Carson Beckett to Con Photography to quotes to See Grace Fly. Anything that is Paul McGillion related will be fair game here.


2. There will be both a regular weekly challenge AND a LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) contest.

For these challenges, members are given a "theme" or a set of pictures, or both, with which to make an icon(s) that fit the regular rules and any special rules for the challenge. To participate, please JOIN the community. New members are always welcome!
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Hi guys, a few week ago I attended SG-11, where Paul was a guest. I've posted some photos over at my LJ, and thought I'd post a link for those interested.

More photos over at my LJ entry HERE.

Meeting the man!

Yes, I saw the kilt. Yesterday, I was at SG-11 in London, which was a great day. Paul did a photoshoot in his normal outfit in the morning, then doing a great talk with his kilt on in the great hall, he did an extra shoot in his kilt etc :)

Fantastic stuff, it was my first time meeting Paul and I was very impressed.

Anyway, here are a couple of teaser pics. Lots more pictures (and a full report) are over here at my LJ if you want to read more.

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dr. beckett

Fan Expo 2006 in Toronto

Hello all,

I read a while back in a yahoo group that Paul was going to be a guest the Fan Expo in Toronto. The date (Sept 1st-3rd) is quickly approaching, yet I've not heard any buzz on the LJ fan pages about it. Is anyone planning to attend? Just curious...


P.S. Here's a link to webpage if anyone is interested: Fan Expo 2006
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post, the first [admin]

Welcome all to the sect of the mcgillion. please ensure you've read the rules prior to making any posts and use this post to ask any questions you have about the comm.

Currently, I am your one and only maintainer/moderator. Let's make this clear - I don't like being mean or banning people. I don't like deleting posts. Just make pertinent "Paul is my God" posts and we'll be fine. :) I expect there to be some fun between us and our feuding comms (pah, like Hewlett is half the God McGillion is) but let this be the warning: This is for FUN, folks. The minute I see anyone gearing up and actually acting like the people from hewlettarians are bad or there's some sort of bitchfest, that's it. I'll delete this comm - SGA fandom has been the best yet and I don't want it to change because we're having a friendly bit of teasing, capiche?
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